wraparound care funding

Hassle-free Active Care for your wraparound care with FSSG

With the government announcing the new wraparound care funding, we’re excited to partner with schools like yours to get the programme rolling!

Our new Active Care is a hassle-free programme that fits all your school’s needs. We don’t just offer physical activity programmes but a full-service programme to handle admin, training, food provisions and best-of-all we are fully Ofsted-regulated. We can tick every box!

You may already have a wraparound provision you’re proud of. We want to help you find the right way to share the benefits of wraparound care with as many parents as possible. Maybe you couldn’t add the activities or timings parents needed? Our highest priority is to provide a safe, enriching environment for your school’s community.

Let’s create a bigger, better provision without costing you time or bother. So, here’s what we will do for your school:


Helping you choose a model that fits your school’s needs

We’re not just physical activity experts. We provide spaces for mental and physical enrichment from space to get a little downtime or to get that heart rate up! Our programmes are diverse and inclusive, the best fit for any school.


Cut down on your administrative stress

We won’t increase your workload. Our in-house team will handle bookings, administration, and coaching with full supervision for every session.


Ofsted Checks? No problem!

We’re proud to be Ofsted-regulated. We will manage the registration process to make sure your wraparound care is always ready for inspection. You’ll never have to worry if you’re creating value for your pupils and parents because that’s what we do best.


Healthy food and active care built-in

Whether it’s a breakfast club or an after-school club, we can offer healthy, planned meals alongside active care.


Click here and fill out the form to check out our Active Care brochure, or book a callwith us today, so that by September 2024 – you’ll have wraparound care that every kid (and parent) can brag about.

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