First Step Active Care

First Step Active Care: A dynamic new offering for your school

At First Step Sports, we pride ourselves on offering the types of versatile support that releases some of the pressure of teaching physical education. For schools, with targets for fitness, evidencing the value of provisions; as well as adding the types of care and enrichment that provide for busy working parents, keeping up is challenging.

Working towards the goal of easing these pressures, First Step Sports have launched Active Care, an after school care offering for schools. With 10 years of experience in the activities sector, the package will include full-service wraparound care, supporting your pupils’ nutritional needs, focus and improving their fitness.

Our school partners will benefit from the extra revenue created from becoming a venue for activities provisions. Much needed revenue that can be reinvested across your school to improve teaching, equipment, and resources. With a focus on wraparound care, this partnership will be an attractive package for prospective parents looking to balance their work with parental responsibilities.

The package will offer:

  • Supportive in-house training to develop the skills necessary for success
  • Quality assured high-value service and support
  • Clear and consistent communication with parents and guardians for peace of mind


Get in touch with First Step Active Care today for more information on how your school can begin its journey with us.

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