Active Care

Maximise your schools’ revenue and physical after-school activity provision with FSSG

Active Care from First Step Sports Group combines sports and activities within a structured childcare environment. We provide your school with a dynamic way to embrace physical activity whilst generating extra revenue. Use your sports halls and playing grounds to benefit the larger community and widen your school’s offering for prospective parents. Better yet, maximise physical activity at your school, for the benefit of every pupil.

With a large portion of community grounds behind school gates, there has never been a better time to invest in your school. Your school would benefit from an impressive roster of extracurricular activities because healthy active pupils are happy focused pupils. Anything from community football to enhancing your schools’ offering with wraparound care can help your school outshine the competition.

Work with FSSG and you’ll have a provider with 10 years of experience providing top-quality activity provisions. One with experience not only providing active childcare but one that supports healthy, growing children with flexible wraparound care offering parents much greater value for money.

We take our Active Care and the safety of the children in our care seriously. As an Ofsted-regulated provider, we’ve built our best practice methods that help children thrive and maintain parental trust in our service. Our updates and safety regulations are always clear, updated regularly, and under health and safety guidelines.

With our full-service partnership, our active care is always accessible from our online real-time booking system.

Take your first step toward Active Care with First Step Sports Group.

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