Celebrating our Modeshift STARS schools

First Step Cycle’s partner schools have had a brilliant start to the year, with 6 of our schools submitting for accreditations. Our Modeshift STARS partnership is part of First Step Cycle’s commitment to bring safe active travel to Hull, making our city the healthiest and most environmentally friendly city in the UK.

Our partner schools successfully submitted their accreditation last month, based on a range of active travel and marketing initiatives designed to keep the whole school community in the loop.

The deadline was the 31st of December and the following schools submitted:


  • Sirius Academy West


  • Wheeler Primary School
  • Bellfield Primary School
  • Mountbatten Primary School
  • Thanet Primary School
  • Priory Primary School


As the first school to submit for their Bronze accreditation using our quick pathway to Modeshift success, we want to, from all the team, congratulate Sirius Academy West for all their hard work!

Congratulations to all the schools who have submitted. We are set to receive the final reviews and awards from Modeshift on the 31st of January. Final accreditation awards will be sent out on the week beginning 7th February.

We are taking applications from Hull schools every day, joining our efforts to make Hull a healthier city. Join before the next accreditation deadline in March, to see your school become healthier and more active.

Contact First Step Cycle today!

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