wraparound childcare programme

Wraparound care for September 2024 means Active Care for Primary Schools

The government has announced a £289m investment for a national wraparound childcare programme. The funding aims to support families by improving access to wraparound childcare in primary schools from 8 am to 6 pm and will be available to local authorities and schools from September 2024 in England.

Whilst the government aims for accessible term-time childcare for all primary school-aged children by September 2026, schools across England already face massive challenges to overtaxed administrative and teaching staff to provide these services. The HAF programme has already impressed the importance of active care through the holidays, making activities companies an indispensable resource.

Whilst the government has committed to the necessity of 2 hours of PE in school settings, advocacy organisations such as ukactive and Youth Sport Trust have increasingly warned that schools are consistently not meeting this target. Activities companies offering an end-to-end active care service can provide support in already challenging situations for schools across England.

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