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Youth Sport Trust finds that GCSE students are being deprived of PE class

GCSE students across the country have seen their total hours of PE reduced over the last ten years. The research has shown that more than 35,000 hours have been shaved off PE time despite physical activity recommendations that mandate at least 60 minutes a day. In the research, 70% of children in KS4 have suffered from a reduction in PE hours.

For many pupils, GCSEs represent one of the most stressful periods of their life, with many young people studying for up to 13 separate GCSE subjects. Scientific studies have continued to reveal physical activity’s transformative effect. Cognitive development, academic progress and mental health are all improved with consistent regular activity.

Schools, according to the research performed by Youth Sport Trust, have reduced PE in favour of core subjects. Commitments to improving attainment levels or lack of resources, which has been exacerbated by the recent pandemic, have reduced PE hours in many schools.

The charity expressed its concern by pointing out that a school in the northwest had completely removed PE for Year 11s and left Year 10s with a single hour per week:

CEO Alison Oliver added:

“Too often schools are forced to squeeze PE out of the curriculum in favour of other subjects. Now is the time we need Government to protect the current investment into PE and school sport and those who organise and deliver it and make a concerted effort to understand and value its contribution to health and education outcomes. “

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