Book your Kids Takeover childcare for 2023 and save big!

At Kids Takeover, we’ve had a brilliant year bringing active childcare to your children. From our bounce and swirl summers to our spooky seasonal camps, we’ve loved every moment of 2022.

Our passion comes from a dedication to providing safe active childcare at all our camps. This year, we’ve worked to put together new resources, introduced new activities, and listened to your feedback so we can build camps that suit your needs.

Your child’s safety is our biggest concern, and this year, we’ve spent a great deal of time planning, organising and (cleaning!) to make sure we provide a safe environment for your children.

Why not take the stress off next year with our Kids Takeover Camps memberships? If you’re stuck at work or a family member can’t make it, it’s good to know you have a local childcare partner you can trust.

And with us, there’s no sofa-sitting or junk food in front of the TV. Childhood should be filled with opportunities to be active, even if you can’t be there! That’s why we created KTO to help create healthy active childhoods for your children.

Choose from our core camp or full memberships to get all the benefits of Kids Takeover Camps. For just £51, you’ll have access to any of our camps across multiple venues all throughout the year. That’s every school holiday taken care of for a fraction of the cost of childminders. And for just £79, get access to our main camp plus wraparound care, so there’s no need to worry about rushing back from work and anything else that could hold you up!

Get a Kids Takeover membership now, and take the stress off your 2023!

Happy, healthy kids. It’s what we do best!

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