Equality and diversity

Does the fitness industry support equality and diversity? WIFA research seeks to raise the game

This quarter, a survey of the fitness industry will be carried out geared toward issues of diversity in the fitness sector. A golden opportunity to understand ongoing developments and key debates in gender diversity, equality, and inclusion in the fitness industry.

Forecasts for the sector show huge potential for growth in the sports coaching market. Additionally, research into COVID-19 contraction rates, shows they are well below the average for shared spaces. With the relative safety and success of the sector on the cards, it’s a perfect time to look at how the sector can build on inclusiveness for the future.

The Women in Fitness Association (WIFA) will be working with Sport Alliance to administer and analyse the results of the survey. All employees in the sector are invited to participate, with the results set to be released in the second quarter of 2022. For the organisers, it is a novel opportunity to address concerns that have not yet been discussed in the sector.

Jennifer Halsall-de-Wit, COO at WIFA added:

“This study on gender diversity and equity will be a living project. We plan to continuously collect data to monitor developments. Every voice counts and we welcome everyone’s contribution to this important issue.”

The focus will be to identify and analyse unrecognised concerns and make actionable recommendations. This remains a key area in strengthening the image of the global fitness and coaching sector.

The survey is still open! Take the survey here.

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