New Age Kurling

New Age Kurling: Embedding accessibility in enrichment with First Step PE

Curling will appear once again in the upcoming Winter Olympics at Beijing which has inspired us to add to our many activities here at First Step PE. We are always working to improve the standard of our enrichment options because we know that making these niche sports accessibile will in turn provide further engagement for pupils of all ages and abilities.

New Age Kurling was built with accessibility in mind. The game has been specifically adapted to be ice-free, so that the sport can be learned and understood away from its usual setting. Benefits of Kurling include strengthening muscles, improving flexibility, improving precision and developing a better sense of game strategy.

Keeping its core rule structures and equipment, First Step PE-led Kurling, includes all associated equipment, such as Kurling Stones, Telescopic Pushers, and House Targets. Alongside it’s health and fitness benefits, children will also gain lots of transferable skills such as teamwork and communication outside of the traditional PE sports. Children will develop leadership skills by challenging themselves both individually and as team.

New Age Kurling is a particularly positive experience for children of all skill levels and abilities. It gives children the opportunity to learn a level of directional precision and allows them physical practice estimating distance and power. Working in teams, they can strategise and predict to greater degrees of accuracy and as time goes on, improve their target distances.

These sessions run as a 6-week enrichment block. To arrange your sessions, get in touch with our PE manager Laura on 01482 218753 or email

Take your First Step to success with our Kurling Enrichment.

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