National Storytelling Week

First Step PE celebrates National Storytelling Week

From the 30th of January to the 6th of February, we will be celebrating the National Storytelling Week here at First Step PE. National Storytelling Week celebrates the age-old tradition of storytelling passed down the generations. This year’s theme will be Your Story-My Story, paying homage to the personal stories told in social hubs.

Storytelling has always been an important learning experience for children. At school and home alike, cross-legged, and rapt in attention, it’s been key to explaining complex ideas and exercising the imagination. This year highlights community and educational hotspots across the country such as schools, theatres, pubs, village halls, and community hubs that have played host to old and new stories.

At First Step PE, we believe in the power of stories as a central learning tool for exercising the mind and body. Our story-based PE gives children a chance to physically represent objects. Movement can be used to represent transport, animals, and even emotions. As an exercise in wellbeing support, you can explore the relevance of colours, conflict, and reactions through the medium of movement.

We use storytelling in PE to help engage children in their physical education lessons. Pupils have the chance to stretch out muscles, use excess energy and their imaginations to dream up dramatic portrayals of their favourite adventures.

Encourage learning. Develop their imagination. And celebrate National Storytelling Week with First Step PE. Book with us today!

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