Children’s leadership

How to boost active play in your school with our children’s leadership course

With a child’s natural propensity towards play, it can be very easy for the same children to exercise their leadership skills to the detriment of others. At First Step PE, we believe offering children leadership roles in our sessions can help boost active play in all aspects of their school life.

Our popular Level 1 Sports Leadership sessions are aimed at children 10 and above. They focus on broadening their understanding of leading activities for younger age groups in their school and beyond. Leadership sessions are a brilliant way for schools to bring a new way of physical learning and responsibility to older children. Pupils can help manage younger pupils on sports days or lead small activity groups in academic skills through physical activity. The benefits are endless!

We have assembled a range of activities that teach the value of organisation and empathetic leadership. The games and activities emphasise the benefits of working as teams, suggesting constructive ways to work towards a goal and proactively pointing to ways to keep active safely.

Part of the course encourages them to look at their own experiences whilst they are playing recognisable games and decide on how they would problem-solve issues. We explore actual leadership roles with them, such as referees and umpires, so they can understand how to constructively solve disagreements. Working with their peers means they can see how their methods would work in real life.

As a starting point, giving children the opportunity to explore responsibility allows them to see sport in a new light. For those who are less confident in sport, it gives them something active to do and take charge of, such as managing equipment, refereeing, and leading games. They improve their organisation and begin to see sport as something that is not simply the domain of those who excel at sport.

In the long-term, it’s an opportunity to embed a lifelong commitment to sports in their future career and in their personal lives. All whilst leading a team in a game of rounders!

Lead and learn with our leadership skills sessions for children. Get in touch to get started.

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