Keepers Academy

What you can expect from our Keepers Academy

The Ballers Academy was developed with the purpose of bringing as many different football experiences to children as possible. Keepers Academy is new to our roster, offering full academy sessions at just £26 a month. We run free taster sessions, introducing some of the finer skills of goalkeeping.

Our coaches train using a collective method, breaking the groups into pairs or small groups of similar ages, allowing them to get used to a new skill set. Coaches measure and monitor their progress with tailored games, activities, and drills to test and improve their hand-eye coordination, reflexes and distribution techniques. We are also proud to say our Keepers Academy caters to all abilities and genders.

Managing and responding to ever-changing scenarios in the goal area is one of the most important skills we teach. We run drills designed to help them understand how to interact with their peers and get used to working and commanding their area, starting small and getting progressively larger. We keep progression at the forefront of each training session using a range of games and activities.

Our monthly subscription fee gives all participants access to one indoor or outdoor session per week, throughout the year, based locally at Kelvin Hall School and Tranby School. At just a fraction of the retail cost, we provide a full goalkeeper kit at just £20.

Book our sessions from our homepage, for the best Keepers Academy in Hull.

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