Welcome new ISF students

Welcome to the new academic year for ISF students

It is the beginning of a new year for ISF students. Not just a new academic year, but a new year for a new way of thinking. We’ll be blasting away the cobwebs at our ISF partner school, Notre Dame this month.

This coming term our students will be exploring the theory behind fitness and how to best use these theories to deliver PE and School Sport. They will be looking at the mechanics and structures designed to create impactful activities, sports, and multi-sports sessions. Our students are never just learning off the blackboard. They are learning the building blocks of fitness so they can continue to evolve and grow the industry.

What makes an athlete tick? How can you teach life-long activity skills? What can we do to keep our charges motivated? These are just some of the areas our students will be covering in Sports Psychology. This course will look at how we mould understanding to ensure that healthy habits are kept to enhance people’s lives and well-being.

Learners will benefit from the courses this term in Enterprise & Innovation alongside Research Methods for Sport & Physical Activity. We believe the health of the industry is reliant on those students who are taught to apply their knowledge in practical situations.

To search for answers. To understand the need for professionalism. To develop their commercial acumen. In today’s world, where fitness holds the answers to issues of wellbeing, mental health, and illness, you can follow the progress of the next generation of coaching professionals, here on our Twitter.

Welcome new ISF students!

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