Go Scoot & Pre-Pedal

Use your pupil premium to book our pre-pedal and go-scoot

Struggling to advance your schools’ enrichment?

Wondering what to do with your schools’ premium?

Then First Step Cycle has got the perfect solution for you!

We can help you meet your academic targets head-on whilst keeping your pupils’ activity levels well within your sights. Work with us, and not only will you meet your targets, but you’ll get the most constructive use from your schools’ premium offering long and short-term benefits.

First Step Cycle Go Scoot and Pre-Pedal sessions provide all the resources and first-class professional coaching that you’ll need to get your kids moving. Streamline your pupils’ transition to bike training with our specialist pedal-less bikes. Instead of training wheels, they’ll be spending their time learning one of the most difficult skills for riding a bike successfully. Balance.

These courses focus on expanding a child’s gross motor controls, working on those arms, legs and core muscles to expand their range of physical movement faster and more efficiently. Anything from running and jumping to picking up their books and toys from the reception floor, our focus is on strengthening the muscles they use every day.

We provide Go Scoot from Foundation Stages (FS) all the way up to Year 6, meaning that all students can take part in a healthy, sustainable form of travel in any year group. Similar to balance bikes, children don’t have to focus on learning the skills. The easy manoeuvrability across all terrains and self-explanatory movement means they’ll be off and running with little to no worries.

With all our training we provide risk assessments and all other equipment required, including:

  • Balance bikes
  • Scooters
  • Helmets
  • Safety equipment

Statistics show that early morning activity can improve focus in class for children of all ages, so alongside physical cognition, they’ll be fit and ready to learn. Using your pupil premium this way provides you with an easy way to show that your school is reducing its carbon footprint and encouraging healthy active lifestyles. With Go Scoot and Pre-pedal, children will be well on their way to making journeys to and from school in an exciting active way.

Get the ‘wheels’ rolling with Go Scoot & Pre-Pedal courses. Book with the team now!

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