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The top 5 benefits of high-quality CPD for teachers

Lifelong learning is an essential part of growth for your career development. For teachers, Continued Professional Development or CPD is no different. It’s no chore, but an important part of getting the best of teachers and pupils.

Here are the top 5 benefits of high-quality PE CPD programmes for your teachers:


1. Keeping up to date with current standards

All teachers are required to undergo 30 hours of CPD per year so that they stay on top of the current standards in teaching. When it comes to PE, standards are national as well as pedagogical.

The better the PE, the better the pupils. According to a report from Sport England, physically active children are happier than their non-literate peers. As objectives around physical fitness and mental health change, PE is an essential tool for adapting to those standards.


2. Offering high-quality PE teaching

There is no substitute for experience in the classroom, but high-quality CPD represents an opportunity to close the gap in teacher experience. In a study of 400 primary school teachers performed by Virgin Active, 28% of teachers didn’t feel qualified to teach PE. More than half (53%) wanted CPD to bridge that gap.

And a lack of confidence in PE instruction directly impacts pupils. The same study found that a massive 42% of pupils didn’t enjoy PE lessons. A poor PE experience as a child is more likely to create an inactive future adult.


3. Improving academic, physical, and social outcomes

Studies show that children and young people who regularly exercise have better mental and physical health. PE CPD strengthens a teacher’s understanding of movement and fitness, which can prevent illnesses that impact their lungs, muscles and heart.

Physically active children and young people enjoy better cognitive capacity too. Physical activity stimulates physiological changes that improve their thinking and memory skills. Learning maths through PE for example has consistently improved comprehension by more than 80%.

Physically active children are also less likely to experience loneliness. Experiences like PE and school sport give them opportunities to improve their social skills with their peers.


4. Taking part in high-quality CPD for PE

In one study, teachers who took part in high-quality CPD programmes were equal to 10 years of experience in the classroom. For pupils, their academic skill improved at a rate that equalled more experienced teachers.

Whilst there is legitimate support for CPD improving a teacher’s knowledge, competence, skills and delivery of high-quality PE, one-off workshops aren’t as effective as long-term programmes for teachers. Programmes should be regular and managed by bodies or PE providers who track new standards and developments. These have the best impact on improving attainment for teachers themselves.


5. Improving teacher retention

A study commissioned by Wellcome found that high-quality CPD was essential for career growth and retention. Not only did it have a huge impact on pupil outcomes, but teachers were also more likely to keep teaching because of it. The mean effect was 0.09, higher than other educational interventions such as higher performance-related pay and longer school days.

CPD has great benefits for schools, teachers, and pupils. Whilst schools are busier than ever, working with a PE provider like First Step PE can help you organise a timetable of CPD support that benefits your entire curriculum.


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