Get you back on your bike

5 top tips to get you back on your bike!

Getting on your bike regularly can save you money and improve your fitness. If you’re worried about starting up again, here are our 5 top tips for getting on your bike regularly!


Clean and check your bike

Chances are that your bike is a little rusty or gathering dust in storage. Make sure you give your bike a good clean and check over before you get on. You can take your bike for a service at your local bike store or make a day of it with this Bikeability blog on cleaning your cycle.

You never forget how to ride a bike, but you can definitely forget how to keep your chain oiled! Remember your ABCs and check there is air in the tyres, your brakes are working, and that your chain is well-oiled. It’s a good time to figure out whether your current bike is best for you. Maybe you don’t need slick tyres, or your seat is too low. Check and change the features to fit your needs.


Start with short journeys and manageable targets

There’s no need to start with the Tour de France the first time you get on your bike! Replacing your general journeys is the best way to start confidently. Try cycling to the local shops, parks, or in open spaces. Eventually, you can even replace your daily commute in the car or on the bus with your bike.

As you practice in your local area, you can find routes with low traffic or pedestrians. Local parks or reserves are great for scenic journeys with family and friends, as well as a great opportunity for exercise.


Sign up for road skills training

Don’t forget our Rusty Riders programme! Our group classes and professional coaches give you the opportunity to learn the basics of road cycling in your local area. Learn how to navigate roads, indicate direction and the basic ABCs of bike maintenance to keep up your new habit.

We can show you routes and areas that are easiest or safest to cycle, as well as how to fix basic issues with your bike whilst you’re on the go.


Try a bike rental scheme

Bike beyond repair? If you’re not looking to invest in a new bike, then a rental scheme can give you lots of flexibility. Renting means that all checks and maintenance are complete, and it can help you focus on getting back on your bike regularly. There are rental schemes to fit every need and budget, including day-to-day casual cycling and cargo bikes for heavier hauls.


Find a cycling group

Cycling groups are a great way to give you a warm friendly re-introduction to cycling. You can make friends and get to know people who have similar or very different targets about cycling to you. There are lots of groups, with descriptions of how and where they cycle. Why not have a look for a cycling group in your area? You can use social media or have a look on the Bikeability website for more information on joining a group.

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