Save money by cycling

How can you and your family save money by cycling?

It’s never been a better time to save money. As costs rise, we’re all looking for ways to trim our budgets. Here are a few ways that getting on your bike can help you save those pennies.


Cycle short journeys

It might be easier to jump in the car, but replacing shorter journeys with cycling is one of the easiest ways to save on fuel. No need to find a parking spot or navigate a traffic jam! Cycling short journeys gets you much closer to the business or supermarket you’re going to. Much easier to hop into the supermarket when you can park right next to the trolleys.


Join a cycle-to-work scheme

If your workplace has a cycle-to-work scheme, join today! Cycle-to-work schemes not only help you save on buying a bike yourself, but they can also help you save on taxes. The benefit comes out of your salary before tax, which means you pay less tax in the long run. So you’ll get a great bike, less tax, and all the benefits of getting regular exercise. It’s a win, win, win!


Cycle to save on congestion or clean air charges

Clean air or congestion charges can take a big chunk out of your pocket. With daily or even monthly costs, cycling will reduce those immediately. Most of these zones that have these penalties also have cycle lanes and areas to lock up your bike aimed at encouraging cycling. Quick shopping trip? Get on your bike!


Learn some bike maintenance skills

General bike maintenance is often a skill you can learn yourself. Anything from fixing a puncture to replacing tyres or handlebars can be learnt online or with your local council for free. These classes (or videos) are great for checking the ABCs of biking before you leave the house. Don’t waste money on simple fixes, DIY it to save your budget!


Ditch the gym and get on your bike

Short journeys on your bike can keep you fit and healthy. The longer you do it, the better benefits you have. You can even replace a gym membership with a regular cycle as you strengthen your core and lower body on a bike. Adding cycling to your daily commute will have you cancelling your gym membership in no time!


Save on car insurance with a bike

On average, insuring a car costs around £470 a year! You can save hundreds of pounds on insurance on a bike. Whilst we don’t recommend an uninsured bike, as this it’s helpful for anything unexpected but the average household with bike insurance pays just £80 a year for a maximum of two adults and unlimited children. At those prices, that’s £310 back in your pocket!

If you need help getting back on that bike, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. Rusty Riders can help anyone get back on their bike and start saving money!

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