School Sport funding delays

School Sport funding delays will severely impact children says Youth Sport Trust

New research released last month has shown that the majority of primary schools would be unable to afford their PE programmes without the £320m PE Premium. The Premium, announced last month, has often in years past, been inconsistent, casting the importance of physical activity in schools into doubt.

This comes as NHS figures show that referrals for mental health treatment for under-18s have increased by 39% to more than a million in 2021-22.

In a snapshot survey of 405 primary schools, the key findings were:

  • 73% of primary schools will be unable to maintain their current physical activity and after-school sport without the PE Premium
  • 46% of schools will be unable to provide the recommended half of a child’s 60 daily minutes of activity
  • 55% will drop top-up swimming lessons for less confident swimmers
  • 148 school sports events per day will be lost without the School Games Organiser network
  • Girl’s sport will lose hundreds of girls-only competitions, including football, cricket and rugby

Physical activity is essential to the mental health of young people and children. If your school is looking for ways to take advantage of the wide benefits to young people and children by having a robust, enriching PE programme, look no further than First Step PE.

Our experienced coaches and coordinators can walk you through creating a programme that caters to your school’s aims. Whether it’s to add enrichment activities to your timetable or to improve physical activity levels across your school. We have the expertise you need!

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