Easter craft ideas

4 easy craft ideas to do with your children this Easter

Looking for something to keep your little ones occupied this Easter? We have a few craft ideas that are perfect for creativity at home.

Here are our top four Easter craft ideas to add a hop, skip and jump to your home this April!


1. No Eggs Eggs-cellent Salt Dough Decorations

Time: 15 mins plus baking time

What you’ll need: Plain flour, salt, water, mixing bowl, rolling pin, baking parchment, baking tray, biscuit cutter, acrylic paint, string

Running low on eggs? These no-egg decorations using easy-to-find ingredients from your cupboard are the perfect way to celebrate the season. All you need to do is mix flour, water and salt together in a mixing bowl, roll out the dough with your rolling pin, and then use a simple baking cutter to stamp your dough into egg shapes. Then to the oven!

Line a baking tray with baking parchment and arrange your salt dough eggs on top. Preheat your oven to gas Mark 1/120C/140C before placing your tray on the bottom shelf for 2-3 hours. Make sure you leave them to cool before getting stuck into painting.

MONEY-SAVING TIP: Interested in a low-cost way to paint your newly baked eggs? Consider swapping acrylic paints for a flour and water mix, and adding a few drops of food colouring. Otherwise, you can break out the acrylic paints and have fun creating new and interesting designs with the kids!


2. Hopping great oven-less Marshmallow Rabbits

Time: 15-30 minutes per bunny

What you’ll need: Icing, food colouring, large marshmallows (for the body), medium marshmallows (for the ears), and small marshmallows (for the cheeks, feet and tail)

This one is a great one for creativity and experimentation. Using your large marshmallows and kitchen scissors, cut out shapes for the body and head and stick them together using icing sugar. Decorate with smaller marshmallows for the ears, cheeks, feet and tail, and to get those creative juices flowing, try mixing some food colouring into your icing to decorate!

TIP: Remember to let your icing and marshmallow mix set before moving on to different parts of your bunny body.


3. Marvellous Marbled Eggs

Time: 1 hour

What you’ll need: Fresh white eggs, a disposable roasting tin, shaving foam, food colouring, a skewer or a toothpick, and kitchen paper

The staple of any good egg hunt is the eggs. Marbled eggs are a great addition to the traditionally painted option, offering you a uniquely random colour effect. First, remove the eggs from their shells with this egg-blowing tutorial, or you can opt to hard boil your eggs instead.

In your disposal roasting tin, add some shaving foam and sprinkle over a few drops of food colouring. Use your toothpick or skewer to make new funky patterns and spirals in the foam. When you’re happy, roll your eggs in the foam and leave them to dry on kitchen paper. Then wipe and hide!


4. Sew-free Big Bunny Ears

Time: 30 minutes

What you’ll need: Plain paper, sewing pins, felt, fabric scissors, a hot glue gun, an iron, and a plain headband

Not a dab hand at the sewing machine? Use this method to help you create some cute bunny ears for your children! Remember to supervise the use of glue guns and ironing on this one

Draw and cut out two bunny ears on your paper to create your templates, one for the outer ear and a smaller one for the inner ear. Add an extra cm to the length of each – these will be tabs to affix the ears to the headband.

Use pins to fix the templates to your felt and cut out your ear shapes. If you have some pinking shears, cut out your ears, zigzagging to make a furry effect for the inner ear. Then just use your glue gun to put your ears together and leave them to dry. Fold your tabs and glue the ears to your headband, and voila!


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