The top 5 reasons why you should do an apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are a vocational pathway with a difference. Don’t be fooled by those stereotypes of teenagers carrying a plumber’s tools and bags. An apprenticeship is a realistic career opportunity for lifelong learners, and that’s what counts.

So, what’s a lifelong learner, and why is it important for apprenticeships?

A lifelong learner is not an academic in a dusty library. It’s a person who can upskill when the market needs it, find a new direction, and learn the types of skills that an employer wants when they want it. And a sports coaching apprenticeship is the best fit for applying that knowledge to an ever-changing industry.

Why should you invest your time in becoming an apprentice? Here are five reasons why your next career move should be an apprenticeship:


Get paid while you learn

Unlike degrees and other fee-based qualifications, you’re not paying out to cash in later. Study and learn those practical skills so you can keep up in your industry (or find a new one) whilst pulling a salary! Apprenticeships are funded by your employer and the government, so you have the benefit of the skills that employers need and want.

As a sports coaching apprentice, you can get stuck into learning any part of the trade. Whether it’s working with children, athletes or even in rehabilitation. Every activity and task is geared towards helping you become the best coach you can be. And when you leave – there’s no debt and bags of experience. Exactly what employers want and you need!


Get industry-leading qualifications

Learn with First Step Sports, and you have the assurance of knowing that every course and apprenticeship qualification we run is industry-leading. As an apprentice learning alongside an expert, you will have access to invaluable advice and direction. No more classroom learning (well, maybe sometimes), and you can ask any questions along the way.

For those who learn best with real-life scenarios, apprenticeships offer practicals that can help you learn. Let’s say a child is walking along a wobbling bench. The scenario sounds dangerous, but when you’re in the gym, you have to put your skills and instincts to good use to create a positive outcome.


Develop experience in different areas of sport

Working directly with an employer gives you access to every part of the business. Maybe you’ve joined a local activities business providing sports and performing arts for children and young people. Don’t excel at football but have the chops for volleyball? The best way to build up that level of self-knowledge is by playing the game for yourself.

The more you try, the more versatile you’ll be. Work in a leisure centre, for a football team or foundation, or you could even start your own fitness business. Once you know you have the practical experience, making your goals won’t seem so hard!


Develop practical working experience

Employers favour the right qualifications as well as experience. Once you have your apprenticeship, you’ll have the best of both worlds, making you a far stronger candidate. Once you finish your apprenticeship, your current employer might be in a position to offer you a job. With that, there are no worries about starting afresh.

Working environments need employability skills too. Your communication, organisation, and even computer literacy are all staples in the modern workplace. Just because you’re spending a lot of your time in a tracksuit doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be vocal and organised. Good coaches are not just for the field!


Develop the skills that your employer wants

Working with an employer as an apprentice is one of the most effective ways to become invaluable to a business. Interviews essentially allow people to advertise why they’re invaluable, but once you’ve completed your apprentice, that’s already in the bag.

The longer you spend in training, the more you become a skilled part of the workforce they can’t live without. You’ve gotten to know the kids, built a rapport, you understand how the CRM works and your tea-making skills are legendary. You’re already a key team member!

Ready to find your next career? Look no further than our apprenticeship page, where we have collated some of the best opportunities available in sports and activities. And if you’re ready to apply, don’t forget our tips on writing the best cover letter!

Take your first step with First Step Sports.

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