Introducing our all-new Paralympics Athletics Programme

At First Step PE, we are committed to offering new ways to make sports and physical education engaging. To celebrate the recent Paralympics and what differently-abled athletes can achieve, we have introduced the Paralympics Athletics programme to First Step PE!

Team GB and British servicemen and women showcased great strength and endurance at the Paralympic and Invictus Games. For schools, this is the perfect time to highlight how much your pupils can learn from their example. As PE delivery experts, our Paralympic Athletics programme is designed to meet the physical targets for both Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils.

Our programme challenges pupils to use different limbs and senses to complete games, activities, and warm-ups. Many of the activities feature sports or skills they will be familiar with so the challenge is to adapt to a new way of doing things!

Our Paralympics programme includes Seated Volleyball, Goalball, Boccia, 5 a side Football, Wheelchair Basketball and Athletics. Each activity has a warm-up and practice activities to encourage children to throw, catch and even jump the way a differently-abled person would.

In Wheelchair Basketball, pupils explore movement without using their legs. In their warm-up, they use ball throwing techniques such as chest passes, passing overhead and bounce passes. Each practice activity helps them practice coordinating themselves with only their upper bodies. For Key Stage 1 pupils, the aim is to learn passes whilst seated and for Key Stage 2, they explore throwing balls at increasing distances between each other and towards the net.

Each activity encourages each pupil to see how the differently-abled have unique strength levels. From heightened upper body strength in Wheelchair Basketball and Seated Football to precision and auditory sensitivity in Boccia and Goalball. Each activity has easily replicated methods that children can use in their daily lives. The focus is on providing the stimuli to create games for siblings and peers that consider differing abilities.

With First Step PE, we provide all the apparatus, as well as detailed plans for every lesson. With the level of equipment provided, we provide enhanced risk assessments to keep every child safe. And our professional staff are committed to encouraging all pupils to engage with new skills and activities with confidence and enthusiasm, in every lesson.

To bring the Paralympics to life at your school. Contact First Step PE and we can get the ball rolling in more ways than one!

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