ISF enrichment: The benefits of work placements

The core of ISF enrichment is that our students have unparalleled opportunities to complete hands-on work placements alongside their studies. With a course built for and by the sector, we understand how significant experience is for confidence and proficiency in new coaches.

Our team has invested time and energy into establishing partnerships in our community and the wider industry to give our students the widest options available. Including, for example, Links School Sports Partnership, a Sheffield based activities organisation specialising in curriculum support and Techne Global Sports, which has dedicated its efforts to elevate the skills, focus and physical development for boys and girls in football.

To that end, students can choose to expand or improve certain skill sets within the context of work placements throughout their time with us. Through our industry partners we offer:

  • Understanding of the core skill levels required for multi-sports coaching
  • Engagement with pupils in academic settings through PE and school sport
  • Supporting teachers in academia with PE and school sport
  • Assisting with the implementation of a wide range of social and physical outcomes in community sport
  • Experience in coaching extra-curricular programs in a variety of settings

Work placements contribute 6-10 hours of their practical experience per week, with more than 400 hours of accumulated work experience across the two-year course. From the academic to purpose-built spaces, we offer one of the widest experiential vocational courses in the country. Become a host site, and bring all this value, right to your school gates.

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