On Your Feet Britain

Get on your feet and wiggle for On Your Feet Britain

Get up offa that thing Britain!

That’s what we’ll be doing on 28th April! On Your Feet Britain is a national initiative to get office-based workers out of their sedentary lifestyles and doing some fun, simple activities to get their heart rates up. Inspired by the king of Soul James Brown himself, On Your Feet Britain is challenging all of Britain to get up, reboot, and energise themselves for the #BigWiggle.

We know that it’s all too easy to get into bad habits in the office. Sitting all day can cause serious health issues, and this April, we’ll be working with you to dash away those inactive office habits. Our social-savvy Jon will be joining you at a standing desk for half an hour in the FSSG HQ. He’ll be proving that you too can get all the benefits of a productive workday with increased concentration, and motivation, by ditching the sedentary for an active day at the desk.

There’s no one way to Get up offa that thing on the 28th of April. Spend a lot of time on the phone? Grab a headset and take a walk around the office. Ditch the lift for the stairs and go talk to a staff member instead of emailing them. And when you take to lunch, how about taking a walk before you get stuck in? Use your natural workflows to your advantage and get active throughout the workday.

We are challenging you to compete with your colleagues (and Jon) to get up and get moving for On Your Feet Britain. Wiggle, walk and step your way to feeling better every day with First Step Cycle.

Ready. Set. GET MOVING.

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