Priory Primary School

More Bikeability success at Priory Primary School!

Another year of successful Bikeability training at Priory Primary School has passed, with credit due to our fantastic coaches! The children were a delight to teach, and we thoroughly enjoyed being back at the school for another season of cycle training.

Upon completion of the programme we caught up with teaching assistant Miss Hardy who provided feedback on how the course went considering factors such as the organisation, staff, and delivery.



Teaching staff at the school were quick to point out the swift process that was involved when getting in touch to book the cycle training for their school pupils, and the ease of this plays an important role in keeping our school partners coming back year after year. From start to finish Priory were very happy with how everything on the course was organised.



High praise for our amazing staff is something we have come to expect at First Step Cycle, and we weren’t disappointed again with Miss Hardy having some great things to say about our coaches running the Bikeability at the school. Kiera, Morgan, and Olivia were all praised for being lovely with the children, giving them all the attention they needed to better their cycle skills.

She mentions that ‘Kiera was brilliant with the Year 5 pupils, and all staff were very knowledgeable in their field.’ Further feedback showed that the staff were always professional, gave precise and clear instructions to children, and finally were always smart and presentable – something at First Step Cycle that we take very seriously. A huge well done to our coaches!



The most important thing to us at First Step Cycle is that children improve their cycle skills with us but enjoy it at the same time. We pride ourselves on the delivery of our Bikeability training course being first class, and that children come away from the experience with better skills and increased confidence.

Miss Hardy confirmed this was true at Priory by saying; ‘the children really enjoyed the course, grew in confidence on their bikes and were really eager to learn and go back out with Kiera and her staff after their lunch.’ The safety of the course was also praised with our staff ensuring that all pupils were always looked after throughout delivery.


Priory Primary School have already expressed its enthusiasm about rebooking their cycle training for their next class the following year given their delight at how the course was received by staff and pupils this year and have highly recommended us to all schools in the local area. We really appreciate their kind feedback and can’t wait to work with them again in the future!

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