PE Service Highlight: Quidditch Enrichment

Quidditch is no longer just a sport for magical folk! At First Step PE, we have swapped the flying broomsticks for a range of earth-bound hoops, speeding your school on its way to meeting your physical activity targets. Developed with Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils in mind, the sessions include short-form games to practice the skills and a full game of Quidditch with their peers.

Quidditch, despite a lack of flying brooms, is a magical experience for children. From the outset, we bring the Wizarding World to life, sorting them into house teams during a specially developed School of Magic ceremony. Each child can score points for the team by showcasing sportspersonship amongst peers and scoring goals through the 12 available posts.

Perfect for whole school engagement, this sport can easily be adapted for sports days and short-form activities. Whilst a sport in its own right, children learn a host of transferable skills, perfect for netball, rugby, and football, to name a few. Once split into teams, each participant gets the chance to throw, catch and block goals whilst running and jumping. Key areas of development for KS1 and KS2 targets.

Our talented team of coaches are well-versed in developmental praise and support, to help children fully engage with this sport. And for all sessions, we provide all equipment including hoops, balls, team bibs, and tag belts. Everything you need to make school Quidditch a reality!

Whilst we can’t bring the walls of Hogwarts to the backdrop of our sessions, we can bring a wealth of fitness, skill, and engagement to any school.

Enrich your school sports programme with a round of Quidditch today!

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