ISF applicants: Offers made and interviews pending

In the last few months, we’ve redirected our energies into assessing new ISF talent. Another stellar year for applications to ISF, we’ve begun filling our calendars with prospective coaching talent interviews.

Our interview process is dedicated to finding the potential in our applicants. We look for those markers that establish the intent to succeed as an ISF student. No one applicant is the finished product, and we know that. What we look for are those markers that indicate how well they match our values and their potential to excel.


What can a successful applicant expect from the ISF course?

Stepping onto the sweeping expanse of grounds that is our host venue at Notre Dame Sixth, is an unforgettable experience. From their introduction to the world of sports coaching to the insight they gain from engagement with Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill, we are building passionate young coaches.

Our classroom learning environments smoothly transition them into a new mindset. We build a learning experience that has as much time in the classroom, as it does in sports halls, and on fields. That’s what creates the sporting leaders of the future, a thirst for knowledge through experience and achievement.

As always, our team is on-hand, to coach, instruct and guide them through the ISF course. Developed for and by the industry, they will share in the ups and downs that donning the ISF uniform has to offer.

We can’t wait to meet our new ISF applicants – let’s get to work!

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