CPD at Eastfield Primary

First Step PE: CPD at Eastfield Primary

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At First Step PE, we know that every school is different. We partner with your school to create a package of activities and support that can help you fulfil your goals.

Teachers who provide PE classes can quickly find themselves feeling unsure of their skills. With First Step PE, our CPD support encourages greater mobility and physical awareness in pupils whilst offering methods and techniques that bridge the gap between their teacher training and real-life PE lessons.

Our trained PE managers work through your school’s needs at the top of the year. There, we detail the types of activities, enrichment, and support we can offer for the entire academic year. Throughout the year, we assess your progress with you. We then provide clear evidence for the use of your Pupils’ Premium to be published on your website and in official reports.

Your goals are our goals. Take your First Step with First Step PE.

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