Parking Pledge

Support the Parking Pledge at your school for a safer school environment

Road safety is of the highest importance when it comes to keeping children safe. The best way to encourage active travel to and from school is to make sure the school environment is as safe as it can be. That’s why we are working in conjunction with Hull City Council to encourage schools in the region to take the ‘Parking pledge’.

For children, the Parking Pledge represents a reduction in congestion and pollution around schools during peak times. Congestion during peak drop-off and pick-up times raises air pollution in and around schools, having a detrimental effect on children’s health.

The pledge asks that parents and carers support the reduction of congestion around the school gates by not parking on zig-zag lines or waiting on ‘Keep Clear’ markings. We encourage parents and carers, to use active forms of travel such as walking, cycling, and scooting to further decrease congestion and pollution.

We encourage Hull City Council to adopt this motion and for parents to make the following commitments to their children’s health and fitness:

  • Park sensibly, and never on the school’s Keep Clear zigzag lines or on double yellow lines.
  • Only drive to school when necessary – all other times travelling by foot, bike, or scooter.
  • Keep within the limits when in the 20mph school zone.
  • Look out for other pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Respect other residents by not parking on pavements which can cause access problems

As our partnerships with schools in Hull grow, we want to increase the support for active travel options such as cycling, scooting and walking. Join us and commit to the parking pledge!

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