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The ins and outs of preparing a Kids Takeover camp

Kids Takeover camps are built to be the safest and most active way for your children to spend their holidays. But what’s happening behind the scenes? Well, without giving away our closely kept secrets, we have dedicated ourselves to creating the safest possible camps so we can keep them running through the holiday periods.


How do we keep our camps safe?

Safety is key here at KTO, which to us means staying on top of our admin. In response, we’ve taken extra special care to double and triple-check our school sites. Before every camp, we perform on-site checks of equipment, sanitation, and ventilation. This way, we can be flexible and make quick changes if we find that something isn’t up to code.

When we’re back to the office, it’s time for risk assessments. Our thorough onsite checks provide us with the detail we need to develop safety precautions. Whilst it may be a slower, more deliberate process, it helps us react cohesively to new developments.

Factoid: Equipment of all sizes and levels helps children exercise their imagination and develop socially and emotionally amongst their peers.


We’re always updating our services

Your children develop social skills with us. They exercise those itching muscles and improve their motor skills along the way through our camps. For us though, it’s your feedback that helps us grow. Your ideas, suggestions, praise (and sometimes the odd negative comment) drive the engine of change here at KTO. What you think always matters to the Kids Takeover team, that’s why we take the time to act on it.

We like to stay on top of trends too – that’s why our workshops take the new and old Disney favourites and… Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo…they’re a magical array of activities. To keep our camps COVID-19 safe, all kids receive their own individual packs of resources. We’ve invested every penny in providing premium workshop resources and activities equipment, so they are easier to sanitise and collate for all your children.

Factoid: Arts & Crafts are an essential part of motor and brain development, improving a child’s coordination and timing.


KTO CAMP TIME! Hold on. Don’t rush the process!


What about our Kids Takeover coaches?

Our camp coaches are our most important asset. When we pack our vans, it’s not just the better equipment we’re bringing. Our camps are nothing without the coaches that bring them to life. We take extra special care when we are working with new staff too. Learning the ropes should be as easy for them as it is for your kids.

All our coaches have the latest safeguarding and first aid training and now we’ve updated our briefing processes for each camp session. We practice a re-induction process for all our coaches, experienced or not, with new guidelines, advice, and camp content. This approach allows us to stay ahead of changes at the national and local level as well as provide individual childcare plans when necessary. At the centre of our service, is the knowledge that an adaptable program, triple-checked from the outset, is the only way to continue to ensure your children’s safety and wellbeing.

So the next time your child joins a KTO Camp. You’ll be sure that every holiday can be a KTO Camp holiday.

Now, it’s KTO CAMP TIME!

Join us this half term at our February camps from the 21st to 25th February 2022. Places are running low, so book now!

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