The significance of ISF mentorship

At ISF we value experience. Our industry partners provide our students with best-practice methods and mentorship because of their experience in the industry. Whether our students choose to follow in their footsteps or are inspired to become innovators themselves, finding out how others have worked gives them no end of confidence.

James Burgess of Burgess Coaching was fortunate to have that guidance within his circle of friends and contacts. After the Bracknell-born Rugby player suffered a career-ending brain injury before his 18th birthday, he decided he needed to reassess. Whilst still studying at a prestigious private school where he had earned an academic and sporting scholarship, he was still unsure of a future where he didn’t play Rugby.

Like most, he didn’t take his medical team at their word. After sustaining the injury and recovering, he wanted to see whether he could find his feet again. Feeling unwell and unsteady going full tilt, he realised that the doctors were right. He needed to make a change.

It was his friends, family, and the industry coaches he knew that helped him understand what he was capable of. They discussed their motivators, in a way where he could form his USP to set up a business of his own. In just 18 months, and during a pandemic, he set up Burgess Coaching and The Burgess podcast. Both were designed to do something truly significant with his athleticism and passion.

It’s those best-practice methods, career advice and work experience that James had that ISF replicates with our industry-leading business partners. We open those opportunities for post-16-year-olds, just like James, who need something different. Our job is to level the playing ground while simultaneously offering them a positive environment to use their skills to shape their own careers.

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