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ISF Work Placements – The value of vocational work experience

Vocational work experience is at the heart of what we do at ISF. It’s one of the most important steps our learners take and one of the main reasons they choose to learn with us. With the considerable benefits they gain from a direct learning relationship with our industry partners, it’s an irreplaceable part of the course.

ISF has built strong working relationships with professional coaching organisations to revolutionise our learners’ experiences. Our students spend more than half of their learning time, building their confidence with coaching theory, physiology and sports psychology in the classroom and applying these theories in real coaching environments.

They develop first-hand experience of communicating with clients as members of an invaluable service to education, parents, and children. With the mentorship of experienced fully qualified industry professionals, they are provided with consistent constructive criticism to help them grow as coaches and individuals.

At ISF, we believe in the revolutionary nature of the activities industry, so our work experience is patented to teach students how to be coaches and commercial individuals. It isn’t just about learning to become a coach. We’ve constructed a knowledge of building professional relationships, with a view to communicating successfully with multiple stakeholders, from school administrators to children.

More than 400 hours of learning are devoted to placements with employers such as Links SSP, Sports Eds and Kixx. There will be few challenges ISF learners won’t be ready and willing to take on. Our partners cover a variety of skill sets, with companies such as Sports Eds, providing a combination of resourceful techniques to teach long-lasting skills to children through Rugby, Netball and Soccer. We also have partners like Kixx that dedicate themselves to football training across various age groups.

On the successful completion of our 2-year programme, learners will have developed a plethora of practical experience to add to their CV. And with a guaranteed interview, this is their first step into the world of work.

Be part of our learners’ journey. Become an ISF Partner and shape the future of your industry.

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