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Train better and eat smarter with with our ISF ambassadors app: Jennis Fitness

ISF ambassador and northern powerhouse Dame Jess Ennis-Hill has developed a ground-breaking new fitness program for women based on her extensive experience in athletics. The Olympic gold medallist set up the Jennis Fitness app in 2019 to support women in living healthier active lives, through and post-pregnancy.

The programme uses a subscription model, providing a tailored fitness program including daily advice, workouts with Jess herself and cycle mapping to help improve training gains, energy, reduce PMT and optimise hormonal health. Start with a 30-day coaching plan to strengthen your abs or try your hand at circuit training, with sessions ranging from 5 to 30 minutes there’s something to add to every busy schedule.

This unique range of features is built on expert direction from leading professionals in women’s hormonal health and fitness. The app is designed to not only add to and strengthen the data that exists on women’s health but to expand what we understand about women’s hormones and how they affect their fitness. As a successful world-class athlete working and training with the best physicians, physiologists and psychologists in the world, the programme is geared towards optimising your training, improving eating habits and providing more restful sleep.

Her team include Dr Emma Ross, Head of Physiology, and yoga coach and 400m athlete Lin Nielsen. Dr Emma Ross has devoted her research to deciphering hormonal changes. Using this knowledge she has finetuned Jennis Fitness programmes to maximise training and recovery through and around the menstrual cycle. Lin Nielsen credits yoga with her recovery from a fibula injury. With this experience in mind, she has created yoga programs dedicated to holistic fitness for a range of abilities.

As a mum of two, she is incredibly passionate about women’s fitness. Dedicated to using her platform to create important lifestyle changes, she has focussed her own experiences to empower women. With those lessons of discipline, planning, and application, she is a beacon for both women and ISF students.

Follow her progress on Instagram and begin a journey with Jennis Fitness now.

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