Summer session focus on pre-pedal training for children

Learning to ride a bike is an experience that is memorable for most people. From their first ride to their child’s first ride. It’s one of the first steps that children take to being independent and learning this essential, lifelong skill. First Step Cycle Pre-pedal sessions are designed to give toddlers their first opportunity at learning balance, the most challenging biking skill.

Our pre-pedal sessions use balance bikes rather than the more familiar pedal bikes, often with training wheels. Training wheeled pedal bikes were a staple of most upbringings however, unlike balance bikes, they don’t prepare children to independently balance the way they should. The transition to bikes without the training wheels becomes far more arduous and much more likely to end in tears.

At First Step Cycle, our pre-pedal sessions focus on strengthening their gross motor skills. Gross motor skills control whole-body movements that use your legs, arms, and torso. Riding a bike is one activity that requires your whole body, which is why our sessions use balance bikes. Balance bikes training with us, affords children balance, coordination, and reaction time practice.

We structure sessions around our children developing sensory awareness. We use the environment around them to focus on steering their way around obstacles, braking and developing a bodily awareness of themselves. This is unlike training wheels, where children will often get used to riding on a slant that is neither comfortable nor conducive to riding successfully.

Our team of instructors are committed to providing the most positive learning environment for children. Using balance bikes is an essential part of that learning process. Sessions are running until the 27th of August, 2021. To take your child’s first steps to cycling success, contact your local children centre now to book your pre-pedal courses now.

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