Keepers Academy

Get ready for the Ballers Keepers Academy!

Flex your reflexes, hone that agility and prepare for those penalties with the Ballers Keepers Academy this summer!

Ballers Academy are offering the opportunity to train the next young Hull goalkeepers with our Keepers Academy taster trial sessions. The sessions take place weekly on a Thursday evening, giving your young talent the opportunity to practice the skills that will make them stellar goalkeepers.

Our Keeper training is focused on progressing through new skills, testing a different skill each week, with agility, hand-eye coordination, and reflex-based drills and games. Each is designed to help them learn the skills they need to see through the fog of chaos that gameplay can produce.

The taster sessions are completely free of charge and available for both boys and girls. They will be working through the class in pairs and groups to work through some basic drills and games, and if successful, will go onto our Thursday evening Keepers academy from 18:30 to 19:30. We will be sending emails to book onto our Academy after the taster session.

Keepers Academy is a £26 a month subscription with an annual £20 fee. Including in the price is access to a whole host of coaching skills, Thursday classes and a full Nike Keepers kit worth more than £100.

Get ready goalies! Book your session here

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