How cycling can be made easy with pre-pedal courses

For many, their first memories of bikes are those with training wheels and wobbling your way to learning to ride confidently. Balance bikes, however, provide a better stepping stone to learning cycling skills at a young age. First Step Cycle’s new pre-pedal early years offering is designed to provide those preliminary motor skills and balance necessary to make their first pedal smoother.

Using balance bikes, the pre-pedal course offers children a safer transition to cycling on standard bikes. Without pedals, the focus is on balance, which for first-time riders is the most difficult to master. Many bikes aren’t built for smaller frames or with flexibility as to the minimum seat heights. Balance bikes are closer to the ground to make experimenting with manoeuvrability, different terrains and even understanding how to reduce accidents, much easier.

This transitionary step, not only favours balance but provides an in-built level of independence that training wheels simply don’t. Most children, for example, learn to ride on a slant with training wheels – not at all the right balance needed for confident cycling skills. Whatever surfaces you have on your school grounds, pre-pedal will move your students from grass to tarmac, with ease.

To find out more about bringing this training to your school, contact the team to get “pre-pedalling”!

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