Cycle Savvy Driving

How Cycle Savvy Driving is creating safer roads for school children

An area that often keeps families from considering cycling as a viable way to and from school is safety. Parents simply do not trust in the safety of their local streets and busy roads, and without this confidence in these journeys safety, cycling training may not seem like a viable option.

The Cycle Savvy Driving program offers a new experimental focus on the cooperative use of roads cyclists and drivers. It will offer 4,000 Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) the opportunity to take part in ground-breaking research to fashion a future, where cyclists and drivers can respect each others’ use of the road.

Supported by The Bikeability Trust, the focus is on research that illuminates the importance of a more temperate driver for creating more sustainable travel. A temperate driver can encourage the sustainable use of roads and improve air quality. Making fewer abrupt stops, drives slower, especially around children or schools, can decrease air pollution from exhaust fumes.

To find out more about the research and to take part, see here.

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