FSC, Hull City Council & Hull Active Schools Launch Active Travel Partnership

Hull City Council has partnered with FSC and Hull Active Schools to promote and deliver opportunities for sustainable act active travel to schools in Hull. The partnership will help with the collation of resources and monitoring to develop a comprehensive Travel Plan to implement Modeshift STARS.

Modeshift STARS provides a platform to celebrate the efforts that public and private sector organisations make to deliver effective and sustainable travel plans. The Modeshift STARS toolkit will be used to help Hull build a roadmap for sustainable travel and monitor its impact for current and future generations.

Hull Active Schools will aim to initiate citywide shifts in the structure for physical education, physical activity and school sport across all societal groups. Using the medium of sport, the focus of the partnership will be to encourage schools to meet their priorities and develop within children across Hull, a greater respect for sporting values.

As Hull City Council’s Bikeability training provider, First Step Cycle will be working to ensure that every child has access to practical cycle skills. In addition to being safe on the roads while walking or exercising, confident effective cycle skills are of paramount importance as the city moves towards a green, healthy future.

Not only will this partnership help to monitor and promote sustainable travel to and from schools, but it also represents a definitive partnership to create a healthier active lifestyle for Hull’s pupils.

To get involved or to find out more information, see here.

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