Privileged to support our NHS heroes

Our goal at the very beginning of the Pandemic was to look for ways we could help, and for the last 11 weeks we are proud to say our team have been working with the NHS to support their staff to continue working and save lives!

What a privilege. Not only do we continue fulfilling our mission, we can also contribute positively to the fight against the Coronavirus and the impact it has had on the wider community. To say we are proud of our team is an understatement.

” I just wanted to say a huge ‘thank you’ to you and your team for the childcare provision, provided to HUTH staff.  We have been extremely busy reacting, planning and managing the covid-19 pandemic and its been a challenge, but the support provided by First Step has been immense.  Seriously, you made the offer and sprung into action, at time when some / most schools closed. Your support has been critical to enabling our staff attend work and save lives.  I know that sounds dramatic, but its so true.  Your support has been unwavering; your staff have made such a difference to the people of Hull and ER. We are doing our jobs, because you and your teams continue to do yours…Thank you for the incredible support.”

Director of Workforce
Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust


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