Kids Takeover Memberships

Save a Bundle with Kids Takeover Memberships!

Here at Kids Takeover, we’re on a bid to make active childcare affordable for all parents! That’s why we’ve created membership packages and plans designed to fit your budget and eliminate any childcare worries over the school holidays.

This summer, why not choose between our Core Camp and Full Membership packages, which could save you up to £438 a year in childcare? Pay monthly, from just £63.50 for all main camp sessions, at any of our venues.


Flexible Camp Membership

With our camp memberships, a full membership gives you the freedom to book all our core camp sessions with wraparound care at any venue of your choosing. Choose an annual membership and pay monthly for all your childcare needs throughout the year. No advance cost, just a budget-friendly option for all-year-round childcare.


Flexible Payment Plans

We are also offering flexible payment plans to help you prepare for the holidays! Choose the sessions or days you need, then pay off the full balance in monthly instalments. Whether it’s a few days or a full week at camp, you can spread the cost hassle-free.

Friends, fun, and a stress-free summer – with our budget-friendly membership plans. Contact the team or sign up now!

Happy healthy kids, it’s what we do.

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