Enjoyment gap for girls is widening

New research finds PE ‘enjoyment gap’ for girls is widening

New findings released by Youth Sport Trust have shown that the ‘enjoyment gap’ for girls doing PE and sports in schools is widening. Many girls are still facing body image issues, menstrual confidence and poverty, as well as discomfort from being physically active.

Holly Bradshaw, a Team GB Bronze medallist pole vaulter, has responded to the recent findings. Previously she had worked on Youth Sport Trust’s Girls Active programme. Despite her successful athletic career, she was unsurprised that girls ‘still lack the confidence to really enjoy PE and physical activity at school.’ She argued that even whilst competing as a Team GB athlete, she had faced online abuse in relation to her body shape.

Her campaigns include providing more choices in kits so that girls have access to options that work for them. Alison Oliver, CEO of Youth Sport Trust, added:

“We must be absolutely committed to understanding the experiences of young women and girls, how these are constantly changing in a complicated world, and be better at working with them to address the barriers they face.

“At a time of unprecedented low levels of social and emotional wellbeing, we know getting things right for girls in PE can be life-changing.”

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