Life Skills Programme

Expand your school’s skills with our Life Skills Programme

Last month, the PE Premium allocations for 2022/23 were announced. The 320m PE Premium is essential to creating a robust and diverse array of PE, sport and enrichment programmes. Alongside the announcement, the government is calling for school PE Delivery to be a minimum of 2 hours per week.

First Step PE is launching the Life Skills Programme – the aim? To help your school get the best in impactful physical activity.


Meet your goals with First Step PE

The Life Skills programme is a perfect addition to any school’s roster. We can add support for reducing your carbon footprint with our active travel options. Choose from pre-pedal for Key Stage 1 and Learn to Ride from Key Stage 2 onwards to meet your goals for alertness, reduced congestion and active journeys to and from school.


Learn skills that last a lifetime

We use physical activity to produce the progress you need in your core subjects with Active Maths and English. Our experienced coaches tackle key skills with games and activities that help children learn new topics like fractions or colours. From hula hoops to stick-in-the-mud, we isolate skills, coach them, and test them for maximum retention.


Introduce them to Enrichment & Engagement

Life skills mean future skills. We can introduce children to leadership opportunities through Sports Leaders that can develop their confidence and organisational skills. To give them the tools to handle life’s challenges, we coach children through Mental Wellbeing activities, offering them strategies for resilience. We also use the AIM programme to expand their knowledge of healthy lifestyles for long-term fitness and healthy eating.

Our Enrichment offers an exciting array of sports, where they explore new muscle groups and skills in Archery, Fencing, Yoga, and our retrofitted New Age Kurling enrichment. Coaching in these areas is designed to open their minds to new ways of movement and improve their aim and mental stability.


Create a burden-free PE programme

An increase in PE hours for you does not need to mean an increase in stress! Launching this September, we are ready to provide you with the support that only an experienced team can offer.

Work with us and choose the following:

  • Your preferred morning
  • 3 delivery hours from 9 am to midday
  • Your preferred six activities

Our Life Skills programme gives you an entire year of activity for the whole school. Each activity is a six-week programme. That’s six different activities over the course of the year for all your pupils! Working with your own PE Manager, you’ll not only have the parameters you need, but access to all the evidence you need for your PE premium requirements.


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