Why should you hire an apprentice or upskill your staff with an apprenticeship?

When you’re looking for the best talent, they’re not always banging down your door! Apprenticeships are the perfect way to upskill existing staff or boost a great candidate with hands-on experience.

It’s never been a better time to hire an apprentice or start apprenticeship training for your existing staff. Take stock of your business needs, and when January rolls around, you’ll be ready to start hiring!

So why might you need apprentices in your business?


Change the trajectory of your business

Is there a skill you don’t currently have in your business? Apprenticeship training is a great way to fulfil that need and train a person to work towards your business goals.

Maybe you want to use the newest marketing techniques to advertise your business or upskill a coach in strength and conditioning because you have a new roster of athletes. Apprenticeship training gives you flexibility with a new skill set that can enhance your business on the job.


Hands-on learning

Apprenticeships are great for students or those looking to retrain. It offers first-hand experience, which can for example, give them the most up-to-date training in coaching inclusively and engagingly.

Improving your staff’s skills means more happy customers and clients. Best of all, offering apprenticeships locally can provide local people with an opportunity to learn a trade. You can fill any current or predicted shortages with people trained in how your business works. It’s a no-brainer!


Developing your talent

Apprenticeships help you develop sports coaches that fit the needs of your current customers, from cycling to decrease a school’s carbon footprint to teaching maths and English skills through PE. You can invest in the areas that your customers want.

You can expand the skills of existing staff without losing them to external courses, colleges and Universities. Whilst they’re learning, they can use those practical skills in live environments, so they can understand the limits of their knowledge and improve.


Industry-quality learning

With First Step Training as your apprenticeship partner, you’ll always be sure to have the best industry-standard training. Working with a leading provider in sports education, 1st4Sport, we can offer your apprentices an in-house comprehensive learning experience. Why? Because our programmes are always coached by experienced individuals with the most up-to-date teaching methods.

So, learn, grow and study with First Step Training from this January. Make us the best resolution your business could have!

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