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It’s never too late to book your PE provision with First Step PE

At First Step PE, our school partners are our highest priority and it’s never too late for your school to join our partnership! We specialise in PE provision, coaching and CPD for pupils from Foundation through to Key Stage 2. Our planning service works with you to maximise your use of your PE Premium, with Enrichment, Events and CPD included in the package. That’s anything from archery sessions to Outdoor Adventurous Activity (OAA) covered within your Premium!


Planning your PE provision

Still not prepared for next year? Need some help filling some of those Pupil Premium targets. Take the stress out of planning your PE provision with our PE Managers. Whether you need short, medium term or a whole year’s worth of provision, our PE managers will work with you to create a calendar of activities tailored to your school’s needs.

Need to focus on getting your engagement levels up this year? Our full-service planning helps you choose a focus, any additional events, and extracurricular sessions that will fit your targets. From sports days to holiday camps, choose your dates and we will fill your calendar with high-quality physical activity sessions to suit all abilities.


High-quality PE lessons

For us PE lessons combine our knowledge of the school curriculum, our professional experience of coaching and our understanding of how children learn best. And it’s not just in the hall that we excel either! Our PE lessons include registering children, playground collection and the management of safe pick-ups by parents and guardians at the end of the school day.

We have developed our PE lessons to directly fit the requirements from Foundation through to Key Stage 2. Each level creates a platform for learning more advanced skills. Our aim is to improve your pupil’s physical cognition across skill levels. We produce lessons that focus on strengthening their capacity to follow simple instructions whilst developing their understanding of their environment based on colours, objects and patterns.


Consistent support and guidance

Whether you need short, medium or long-term planning, you will never tackle your PE provisions alone. Your school’s specialist PE Manager will offer you advice on how to fulfil your targets, and produce reports that outline progress, targets and any additional needs as they develop. Our reporting feature provides you with all the support you need to prove your Premium spend, year on year.

Our coaches work to familiarise themselves with your school and your pupils. We aim to understand your goals in a practical sense, offering you consistent feedback on children’s progress to help you reach your physical activity and curriculum goals. Our external quality assurance model includes lesson plans, health and safety and internal coaching training so you’re always working with the most qualified partners.


Training your staff

Schools continue to partner with us year on year because we not only offer an unmatched service, but we work to enhance their staff’s confidence and skills with our CPD focus. Your teaching staff will work with us to understand the importance of physical activity and embed these principles throughout the school day.

Our lessons plans break down warm-ups, games, activities and traditional sports that help children practice using their bodies to interact with their environment. We break these down into easily digestible parts, outlining equipment, relaying the aims of the game, and providing a wealth of resources that allow them to practice those skills commonly learnt in the classroom.


Want to Mix & Match with First Step PE?

Need a specific focus or a short-term option? Our mix and match option allows you to choose an area of our planning that suits your school’s needs most. Whether you want to promote active travel to your pupils with our Learn to Ride courses or need some multi-skill CPD support. Choose what suits your school best.


Take your first step to stress-free PE planning with First Step PE.

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