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6 benefits of summer camps for kids

School is out. The uniform has been stowed away, and the school shoes lay forlorn and untouched at the bottom of the stairs. As they dump their school bag on the floor as the first day of the six-weeks holiday looms, you won’t be the only parent wondering, ‘What do I do with them now?’.

The fact is that a leisurely summer isn’t the best option. Summer camps offer children a range of activities such as football, cheerleading and dance, something they wouldn’t have sitting on the sofa. Young minds need activity, and an active summer will help them achieve a little more independence gives them a routine that is far less rigid than they would have at school. They can relax away from the rigidity of school but still learn, grow and develop.

In fact, it’s one of the easiest ways to keep your children focussed whilst creating memories that can last them well past their young years!


Keep them off the sofa with an active summer!

Around 70% of a child’s general fitness levels are lost during the summer. Whilst children will want a break from the routine of school, school is a great equaliser when it comes to physical activity. For some children, it’s their only source of activity and even socialisation with their peers. In 2021, the NHS released a report that showed a 4.5% increase in childhood obesity from the year before. Largely, this was a consequence of pandemic restrictions, affecting their mental health to a similar degree.

Holiday camps, however, keep them as far from the sofa and their digital devices as we can physically manage, offering a place for them to get to know new people and discover (or rediscover!) new activities. They can socialise in a relaxed environment and learn to be teammates with their peers. No need to find players for five a side footie. All they need is right there, waiting!


Offer a different routine to school

Summer holidays destroy school routines. After three days off school you won’t see the average kid until noon! As much as they need this sleep, it’ll be much more difficult to get them back into the routine when school rolls around again. Summer camps offer them a routine that will help them get back into the swing of things once the holidays are over.

But there is an added benefit to summer camps. It might be a routine, but it’s nowhere near as rigid as school. Summer camps, whatever their theme, give your child a range of activities to choose from. They can wake up excited about what the next day will hold, so getting up early and going to bed on time isn’t such a chore. Being active will help them sleep. It strengthens their muscles and has shown increased cognitive capacity in school.


Watch them develop new skills and gain confidence

We all know school is for learning, but as any adult will tell you, some of the best lessons they learnt were not necessarily during school time. New skills are not just those you learn when you’re playing a spirited game of tag rugby or stunting with a group of cheerleaders. It’s the perseverance, respect and discipline you learn because of those activities.

Every game or activity tests a child’s ability to find something new and hone skills they love. Outside of the remit of school, they learn the importance of learning from their failure, respect for their peers whatever their skill level, and the confidence to do something new. It’s a level of independence that they may not experience again until they go to university or go off to work. Why not teach them these skills in a safe, supportive environment?


Challenge your children in a new environment

In education, wanting children to meet targets in literacy and numeracy can create a huge amount of pressure for children. Whilst all children generally get used to this, stepping away can be incredibly beneficial for their mental health.

Summer camps can give them an opportunity to learn new skills, but most importantly, use them in a practical setting. Children are often kinaesthetic learners. They learn by doing, moving and playing. Summer camps offer them an opportunity to understand the world by taking part in it. Whether it’s beginning to understand their right from their left while playing football or learning about a range of movements while practising gymnastic skills, practical scenarios offer a unique and useful type of learning.


Break for you (and them!)

Summer camp with Kids Takeover & Ballers has never been more affordable or as safe. Our coaches are CRB-checked, and our camps are OFSTED-regulated with regular cleaning regimens designed to keep every camper safe. So why not take a break this holiday and let us do the heavy lifting?

Kids get bored too. Being underfoot in the house means they’re not socialising with their peers. As much as you may have a great relationship with your kids, they can do a lot more in the way of exploring, socialising, and skills-building in the outdoors than they can with you. Especially if you’re working from home or otherwise, giving your kids something substantial to do will keep them just as busy as you.

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