Healthy Eating Week

Celebrate Healthy Eating Week with First Step PE!

A healthy lifestyle should be a part of everyone’s lives. At First Step PE, in conjunction with Healthy Eating Week, we want to teach children how to be healthy and active in their daily lives. So we created Healthy School Days to meet every school’s core goals for a healthy lifestyle!

This year’s Healthy Eating Week will be taking place from the 13th to the 17th of June, with the theme of ‘Eat well for you and the planet’. Each day has a varied theme prompting you to do everything from focusing on fibre to reducing food waste. Our health and fitness packages make a perfect addition to Healthy Eating Week for your school.

Our Healthy School Days are dedicated to teaching children how to be active with our resource-based approach. Choose an entire day event of activities or develop families in your school community with our AIM programme for parents and children.

AIM focuses on engaging your community in education. We look at how we can build in lifestyle changes concerning nutrition, diet, and exercise for children and parents. With easily digestible parts (in more ways than one), these lessons can be added to any family schedule. From learning how to add more fruits and vegetables to their diet, to finding activities children and adults can enjoy together, it’s a full-service package.

Consistency is important in a school environment. That’s why we provide your teachers with resources and support for long-term healthy living education. We’re not just providing a day of activity, but a new way to embrace healthy living for your entire school.

Get stuck into a week of Healthy Eating with our Healthy School Days and packages. Being healthy and active is essential, so work with us to make it a lifestyle!

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