First Step Cycle

One provider, 3,900 pupils

We’ve had an amazing year!

This year, 3,900 children benefitted from improved pedestrian skills across Hull. That’s 3,900 children engaging in active environmentally friendly sessions and travel across this city. Our highest number in a whopping 10 years!

In 10 years of delivering pedestrian safety to children, we have never had so many engaged children and schools. More and more of our partners are jumping on board with safer school communities and better air quality, in and around their schools. For us, bringing active travel to children has never been so important, or so successful.

Nearly 4000 children have practiced safe pedestrian skills. Taking their first steps to travelling confidently and independently. Our participants have learned safe road crossing whilst developing greater vigilance in their local communities. Through Modeshift STARs and beyond, children are walking (and even skipping more) to school and back!

As official partners of Bikeability, we’ve also trained over 3,200 children in either Bikeability levels 1, 2 & 3. Children at Level 1 have learned how to set off on their bikes, curing their first ride of wobbles and shakes until they are cruising confidently. At Levels 2 and 3, our coaches focus on further building confident riding skills and their knowledge of roads. Starting with their recognising common signs and road markings, they move on to navigating junctions and roundabouts on quiet, then busy roads.

So as the days lengthen and the weather puts a spring in our step, First Step Cycle is looking forward to another successful season of cycling! We would like to thank all our coaches, our participants, and our school partners for helping us get to this momentous occasion.

Remember. If you’re rolling. Roll with First Step Cycle!

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