Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel

Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel

From the 21st March to the 1st of April, Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel event will challenge pupils nationwide to get active on their journeys to and from school. As the largest inter-school walking, wheeling, scooting, and cycling challenge in the UK, ten days of active travel aims to inspire pupils to get active and stay that way.

This year is shaping up to be the most inclusive event ever. With newly released disability guidelines and a name change, Sustrans will be encouraging all children to get active, on wheels, in wheelchairs, or on foot. The event is open to all primary schools, and secondary schools, including those who cater to pupils with broader educational needs in SEN, ASN, or ALN schools.

In today’s climate, being happy and healthier has never been more important. With the school run as a starting point, there is a platform for changes in activity levels that can positively impact the whole family. Statistically, active children have better concentration levels and show an increased readiness for learning, which is after all, what school is all about!

Embracing active travel is easy too. Just one day out of ten can make the difference. From the normal hustle and bustle of public and personal transport to that swift alertness of rolling or walking into school. Free resources developed by Sustrans can get the whole school excited about active travel. Making it such an easy addition to the school day!

Reducing vehicular transportation around schools can drastically improve air quality too. Schools that introduced active school measures saw an overall reduction in the pollution around their school, one of the leading causes of respiratory illness in children.

Schools can apply here, through the Sustrans website with the school’s identification number. Schools that reach participation levels of at least 15%, will be entered into a daily prize draw for the chance to win new equipment and accessories for your active travel bid.


Want to make active travel a staple at your school?

Look no further than our Modeshift STARS initiative. At First Step Cycle, we work with your school through the accreditation process to bring you the best of scooting and cycling training as well as safety training for all types of active travel.

Join us for the Sustrans Big Wheel and Walk this month and we’ll help make your active journey a life-long change!

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