Newington Academy

Bikeability brilliance at Newington Academy once again!

Newington Academy has been a fantastic partner of First Step Cycle for six years now. It is always a pleasure to see their pupils develop on our Bikeability programme, and we have now had yet another brilliant year helping their lovely pupils grow in cycling confidence. Following on from our successful delivery of the course, we spoke to teaching assistant Catherine for some feedback on our programme.


The Organisation

The organisation of the Bikeability course was the first thing complimented, with both the booking process and structural organisation of the training being yet again merited with top marks, showing what an expert job our administrative and course management staff at First Step Cycle had done.


The Coaching

Continuing with the great work our coaches conducted at Newington, our delivery staff were praised for maintaining a completely professional attitude throughout. This was done whilst consistently providing all pupils with clear and precise instructions to ensure their cycling skills had the best possibility of safely improving. Catherine mentions; ‘the trainers were really great with the children and gave them lots of confidence.’ Just the standard of feedback we expect at First Step Cycle!


The Delivery

Moving onto the specific delivery part of the Bikeability course, the staff at Newington were quick to mention the high quality of coaching they received but also paid attention to how safe all children were kept when cycling on the roads outside of the school grounds – a credit to our amazing instructors. As for the children themselves, Catherine added; ‘everything was great. The children said how much they have enjoyed it, how fun it was and how much more confidence they have to ride on the road now.’ For us at First Step Cycle, we take pride in knowing how much the children have enjoyed their experience.

Following the success of the course, we are delighted to know that Newington will be rebooking their Bikeability training with us for next year, and cannot wait to be back helping their pupils once again develop their cycling skills. They will also be joining our Modeshift STARS Hull programme in September, with the aim of improving their active and sustainable travel regime.

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