Archery Enrichment

Make Archery another arrow in your schools’ quiver

At First Step PE, we are committed to offering a range of enrichment opportunities that provide your school with the best in skill development. Our archery enrichment is designed to teach a versatile set of skills for both archery and a range of other sporting disciplines.

Archery offers a change from the norm. With its healthy associations with popular culture, any child can embrace their inner Robin Hood and Maid Marion with our custom equipment. Developed to suit smaller frames, our coaching includes targets, bows, and safety equipment as standard.

Our archery enrichment builds greater mobility and strength, compatible with a range of sports and activities. A discipline that targets, the core, shoulders, arms, and chest, can improve everything from tying laces to improving their balance for cycling. Coaches engage children through this discipline to improve their hand-eye coordination which through proper arrow placement can give greater accuracy for throwing and catching.

Inclusive from the outset, this course can be enjoyed by children across the spectrum of abilities, offering both patience and the physical skills applicable to their time in class and playing other sports. With the guidance of our team, children learn the importance of external goal setting before addressing and making those changes for themselves.

Our enrichment activities are designed to be a feather to your bow. Not just enhancing your school’s enrichment offering but providing new skills and accomplishments for your pupils.

Always hit your targets with First Step PE Archery enrichment.

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