First Step Cycle

First Step Cycle: Who we are and what we do

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The First Step Cycle team offers a range of cycling lessons to children, young people, and adults. With the advent of new cycling infrastructure across Hull, we want to offer the safest, most inclusive options for active travel across the city.

Our specialist pre-pedal courses give young children their first taste of the motor skills and balance needed to become confident cyclists. When they’re ready to move on, we offer Bikeability Levels 1 through 3, to set them up with safe cycling skills and confidence throughout their time at primary school.

When your school decides to take the next step, First Step Cycle can bring all types of active travel to your school. With benefits including fitter and calmer children, better air quality, and safer streets, there has never been a better time to introduce Active Travel to your school.

Partner with us on the Modeshift STARS initiative, and we can take you on the path to accreditation, recognising the efforts your school makes to live greener, healthier lives. And not just through cycling, we encourage, scooting, walking, and safer drop-offs for your whole school.

Rusty Rider? We offer a range of classes that can help adults get back on their bikes, taking advantage of their daily commute with a stint on two wheels. Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to recapture the lost Armstrong in you. We have something for everyone.

Choose quality. Choose experience. Choose Hull’s own, First Step Cycle.

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